January 12, 2011

Re-visiting Priceline (PCLN)

Time to check back in on Priceline - to recap last week, I liked it and was ready to buy (Priceline (PCLN)), but held off because of the chart (PCLN Again).  I wanted to wait and see where it went short term within its 2+ month trading range (hoping it would drop to the bottom of the range for a better entry point).  Here is today's chart:

You will notice that it did finally break out of the range the very day I decided not to go long (and has stayed above since), but the volume (see yellow above) has been lackluster.  To me that's not a solid breakout and should be eyed with caution.  While I still like the stock, I think it's just as likely to drop back below what I view as weak support around $426 in the short term.  Holding off again for now.

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