January 5, 2012

Back For The New Year

Long time no post.  Just didn't make it a priority to keep up with this last year, but since it's time for everyone to make their resolutions, trying to be a regular blogger will be one of mine.

Quick recap of where my view was at the end of the year.  Slightly bullish with a variety of long positions, but hedged with XLF puts and QQQ and SPY put spreads.  Not a lot of capital was committed to the hedges, only about 1-2% of my total account.  Got washed out of the QQQ and SPY spreads on the big up day on Tuesday and have not put any back on yet.  Both ETF's are holding above their 200-day moving averages, so I'm not ready to go short on them yet.  Also got washed out of some of the XLF puts on Tuesday.

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